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2011 Ukraine Trip

Trip to Odessa
April 11-May 1, 2011


What a great trip Linda and I just had! We were gone from April 11, 2011 thru May 1, 2011. There was another apartment to stay in, new to us. It was great with even a balcony. We did have a few problems like the hot water heater constantly going off and we had to get someone to turn it back on. As well as the toilet had problems and we had to replace the inner parts of it. The flushing mechanism just decided to break, who knows why.

We went to Fontanka twice to teach art classes. We also bought some medical supplies for the nurse’s office and a new freezer for the kitchen there. We enjoyed listening to the band practice for a concert they were going to play in soon. We found out that 7 boys needed eye glasses, so we took 1 boy for an exam and new glasses. He was awed of how well he could see! We left money for the other 6 boys to get their exams and new glasses.

At Alexandrovka Mental Hospital, we were able to buy a new hot water heater and bought bananas, juice and cookies for the kids. Did a coloring class with the fuzzy pictures, it helps the kids stay in the lines. We also had coloring at Slobodka Psychiatric Hospital. We enjoy meeting with the Head Doctor there and having a snack/luncheon with her and the other doctors and nurses. As it was after Easter, we took Easter Cakes to many of the orphanages we work at. Easter is such a special time in Ukraine, as it is the time that Christ rose after being crucified. Church bells rang a lot and vendors were selling pussy willow branches instead of palm leaves for Palm Sunday.

We had a wonderful day at Belgorod Hospital visiting with the Head Doctor and other doctors and nurses and had a nice snack there. We had bought juices and cookies for the kids and passed them out to several classes. These kids are very young to about 5 years old with different problems. Had fun cuddling with the children and talking with them.

It was fun to have a cooking class with kids from orphanage #4, making a macaroni salad and ham and cheese sandwiches. We tried to find sweet relish for the salad and there was none to be found. People there thought we were a bit odd, pickles that are sweet?

We helped several scholarship students with medical problems, or needing help with building supplies, food , and books for a driving class for one girl, sanitary pads for many girls and nylons for some as well, money for physical therapy classes, and a variety of other things that can come up. We even bought games for Fontanka and ping pong balls for kids at #4.

All in all it was a great trip and we helped many kids there and had fun spending time with lots of them. We gave lots of hugs and kisses and already thinking about what we will need for next year. Universal Aid for Children (UAC) does such wonderful work there with the children helping so many. We are thankful to be part of such a wonderful organization. To contact them to see how you can help:

Lynette Belgorod

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