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2010 Ukraine Trip

Trip to Odessa
April 13-May 1, 2010

Linda and I just got back from Odessa again. We had a very profitable trip, gave lots of money away to help the kids at different orphanages. It is always so rewarding to help someone and see their smiles and receive their thanks. There seemed to be many needs this time, and with UAC’s help and the help from various donors, we hopefully made a bit of difference there. How wonderful it is that Universal Aid for Children helps out so much in Odessa.

We bought a cement mixer and tools for the kids at #34. These boys have some mental problems, so the ability now to learn a trade with good tools will really help them. The instructor, Sergey, and the kids were so excited. I had raised the money for this through the Sonora Rotary Club.

We tried to go to #3 to see the babies, but there had been some change in the Directors, so we were informed it might not be a good idea to go there. Instead we went to #1 and saw lots of kids there.

We did crafts this year with several orphanages. At #4 we had 2 cooking classes and 1 art class. We made instant pudding to with their fried potatoes and fried cutlets one time and 2nd time we made spaghetti, fruit salad and garlic bread.


We worked with the kids at Lastochka, Alexandrovka, Slobodka and Fontanka. At #7and at Shelter #2 we were only able to give the kids crafts supplies. We bought fruit and cookies for most of the places we visited. The children always love a treat.

I fell the first time we went to Fontanka. It was raining and I didn’t see a step so went sliding. I was led to the first aid room and there the nurse cleaned my knee and wrapped it up. While I was there I noticed that the medical supplies cabinet was not very full. When I mentioned that I wanted to help, I was informed that the water heater was broken, so the Doctors and nurses there could not clean their hands with hot, soapy water. So I gave money for a new water heater and was able to buy about $120.00 of supplies for them.

While at Fontanka, we did origami with the kids and the 2nd time there we dyed eggs with dyes, making designs with wax. The kids all asked for more crafts supplies and yarns. So many boys and girls like to knit and crochet. They also like to do the many crafts we send and bring. The kids are very talented in most of the orphanages. At Slobodka and Alexandrovka we brought colored pens/pencils and pictures of crosses for the kids to color.

At Lastochka we worked with the kids making beaded bracelets with charms. We had 30 kids around the table wanting to make bracelets. It was a lot of fun for all. We helped make lots of good memories for the kids there.

We always have fun going over to Odessa. The kids there are fun to work with. There are times though, when it breaks your heart to see so many kids living in orphanages. To see smiles on their faces when we are there is very rewarding. We are hoping to go again in 2011.

To contact UAC about donating money for the kids, or just to see what they are all about: Please contact me if you have any questions concerning my trips at

Lynette Belgorod

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