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Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Addicts:
Mother Lode Weavers & Spinners Guild
Check it out. Lots of info here.

The Spinners' and Weavers' Winter Housecleaning Pages
We happily provide people with connections that are valuable to them. We take special pleasure in being able to volunteer our time and effort with the specific intent of providing spinners and weavers with a place to form connections which may encourage all involved to share used spinning and weaving equipment via the WWW, (i.e., the Housecleaning pages.) We weave people together! : )

Handweavers Guild of America
Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot Magazine is part of membership.

Knitting Addicts:

The Knitting Guild of America
Loaded with knitting links. Receive CAST ON Magazine as part of membership.

Knitter's Magazine
A great magazine, Knitter's, with many patterns. The site also sells books and has info about conferences. Knitting
An interesting site full of ideas and patterns.

Fiber Addicts:

Other Interests:

UAC Universal Aid for Children:
Universal Aid for Children, Inc.
2103 Coral Way, Suite 202
Miami, Florida 33145


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